Ignatiushaus Frankfurt/M

How to find St. Ignatius House in Frankfurt?

By Train
- Main Station (15 min walk):
From Frankfurt “Hauptbahnhof” railway station, leave through the main exit.
(If you are initially confused which this is, once outside, the main façade has a clock on it)
Turn left, and follow the tram lines approximately 100 meters to the next major intersection.
This is the “Platz der Republik”.
Turn right onto the “Mainzer Landstrasse” and follow this wide road for approximately 500 meters until you see on your right the “Alte Oper”, a large imposing sandstone building in its own square complete with a fountain.
Don’t turn left or right, follow this road in a straight line past the “Alte Oper” on your right, although the road you are on will change names to first “Taunusanlage” then “Bockenheimer Anlage” then “Reuterweg” all within in a short distance.
The next building on your right is a large modern complex called the “Frankfurt Welle”.

You are looking for a street on your right - “GÄRTNERWEG”.
St. Ignatius is on the left as you enter this street.

Alternatively the Jesuit Ignatiushaus is number 9 “ELSHEIMER STRASSE”, which is one street further past Gärtnerweg.

By bus from Main Station: No. 64 from main station southern exit. The bus leaves, where also the tram no 17 departs. Take a "Kurzstrecke" = reduced ticket. - You get out:  "Kronberger Strasse" ( 5 stops): then you return two streets: left hand side: Elsheimerstrasse. Here house no. 9 BY UNDERGROUND

S-Bahn (7 min walk): The two closest underground stations are the “Taunusanlage” or the “Alte Oper”.
Frankfurt has two underground systems which either have the prefix “S-“ or “U-“.
All underground trains with the “S-“ prefix go through the “Taunusanlage” station.
Underground trains “U-6” and “U-7” go through the “Alte Oper”.
Orientate yourself to walk past the building “Alte Oper” on your right – see directions as above.


From all directions, aim for Frankfurt “Hauptbahnhof”. Look out for signs for the “Alte Oper” which is signposted in the inner city (“Stadtmitte / Zentrum / Innenstadt”) – see final directions as above.

There are parking spaces behind St. Ignatius, the entrance to which is approx 20m into “GÄRTNERWEG” on the left.

The Jesuit Ignatiushaus lies to the rear of the church, and can be approached through the car park.

Ignatiushaus der Jesuiten

Elsheimerstr. 9
60322 Frankfurt/Main

Tel. 069-719114-0
Fax 069-719114-70


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Konto »Jesuiten, Ignatiushaus«
Ev. Kreditgenossenschaft Frankfurt (BLZ 500 605 00) 4 100 956
International: IBAN: DE17 5206 0410 0004 1009 56, (BIC: GENODEF1EK1)


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